Monday, August 18, 2014

3rd and 4th grade Mandatory Parent meeting 8/19 @ 5:30 for Apple MacBooks

Mandatory meeting tomorrow for Apple MacBooks:

3rd and 4th grade parents ONLY

August 19th

Time :

5:30 PM

In the lunchroom

 Park on North or South Side

Doors will open @ 5:15 

We are not having the 8:30 AM meeting due to parking and space concerns.

This is a mandatory meeting for 3rd and 4th grade parents only.

We will have a 2nd meeting on Aug 26th @ 5:30.

Your child will not be able to bring their issued MacBook home unless you attend this meeting or the Aug 26th meeting.

We will be issuing MacBooks on September 5th.

We are not having the 8:30 AM meeting due to parking and space concerns.

We will have a 2nd meeting on Aug 26th @ 5:30.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Volunteer @ CES with our PTO!

Volunteer @ CES with our PTO!

Attached is a form which lists different activities and ways to be invovled with CES and PTO.

PTO FORM <---Click here

There are also sign up sheets in the front office on the PTO bulletin board.

Sign up for:
  • Box tops program
  • Book Fair
  • Copy Workroom
  • Spring Festival
  • Boosterthon
  • AR Store
  • Field Day
  • T-Shirts
  • Family Fun Night!
  • Library help
  • Picture Days
  • Communications
  • Food Hospitality
  • Spelling Bee
  • Art Show
PTO phone numbers are listed or email @

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Morning drop off reminders

<iframe width="480" height="154" frameborder="1" allowtransparency="allowtransparency" cellspacing="0" hspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" vspace="0" src="" title="Audioboo player"></iframe>

North side Car Line - 7:05 - 7:25

South side Park & Walk up - 7:20 - 7:35

Tardy Bell rings at 7:35

**Below is new for 2014-15**

We will close the North entrance on Sanderson Road @ 7:25.  We will be putting cones out at the road.

After 7:25 all cars must use the South entrance.

If you need to come to the front office you are welcome to but you will have to park in the South parking lot and walk around front.

We have made this change to make our campus a safer place in the mornings.  In the past we have had too many cars coming in the Front Office parking area after 7:25 causing congestion and an unsafe area for students.

The North entrance will be opened back up @ 7:35.

Just a reminder the Tardy Bell rings at 7:35.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Apple Partnership @ Creekside

At Creekside Elementary School we are continuing our partnership with Apple!

Starting with grades 3 & 4 - every student and teacher at Creekside and LCS will have their own MacBook Air.  We look forward to adding grades in the future but the process will start with grades 3 and 4 this year.

All grade levels will have Apple devices in their hands on a regular basis.  Here is a breakdown of what we will have available for students.

Kindergarten - iPad / MacBook carts
1st Grade - iPad / MacBook carts
2nd Grade - iPad / MacBook carts
3rd Grade - Every student will have their own 11'' MacBook Air & iPad carts
4th Grade - Every student will have their own 11" MacBook Air & iPad carts
5th Grade - iPad / MacBook carts

K-5 Teachers - Every teacher has an iPad
3 & 4 Grades - Every teacher has a MacBook Air

This process started last year in LCS - read a post from last year here

3rd and 4th grade student will receive their MacBooks on September 5th.

We will have a mandatory parent meeting on August 19th 2 times (8:30 AM or 5:30 PM) in the lunchroom.  We will have a make-up meeting on August 26th @ 5:30 PM in the lunchroom.

We are also excited to have 2 full time Technology Facilitators @ Creekside this year:

Michelle Mitchell & Amy Jackson.

Welcome to CES Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Jackson!

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you!  MS