Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Post

Construction has started!

Audio podcast from Mr. Scott on 01/12/16 - CLICK TO LISTEN

Update video from Mr. Scott on 01/12/16 - click to watch

We are very proud that 1st Team Construction from Auburn, AL have started construction at Creekside!

The construction fence is up and the construction company has started to mobilize their team and soon we will start to see more and more action on campus.

I want to say "THANK YOU" to our Limestone County Board of Education and Dr. Tom Sisk for all of their efforts in this process.

When we finish we will have a 22 classroom addition, music room, front office suite and a new gymnasium.


New car line procedures are working great!

Thank you for your patience during our time of construction!

South Side

2 lines - pull in 1 at a time with left side filling first and then right.  Also, left line pulls away first and then right.

Please stay in line when you come into the parking lot.

Car line tips:

  • Stay in your lane - do not pull around and pass.
  • Pull all the way up and put your car in park.
  • Wait until all cars are stopped before unloading.
  • Have your child ready to get out and unload when the staff member gives the signal.
  • If possible, please have your child sitting on the right side of the car so they can unload safely.
  • Parents - stay in your car.  
  • If needed, school staff can assist with getting your child out.  
  • No walking between cars - use Front / Back cross walk
  • Please drop off all of your students in the same location - do not drop off on North and then come to the South to drop off another child.

North Side change - not closing at 7:30.

We are going to extend the time for the North Car Line to help ease the traffic congestion.

Both South and North will run until 7:35.

Hopefully with this change we can accommodate more cars during morning drop-off.

Thanks for all of your patience during our time of construction.

Thank you,

Matt Scott

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